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I love Morgan LeFey's "Beach Blues" (#25052). She uses Geezer's #24364, which could be one of the best produced templates on the loops. The stats of the track count 6 remixes, 40 thumbs and 1252 listeners.

In all sub-branches the rootsong has actually 32 remixes, maybe ten thousands plays and many more thumbs.

Would be nice to have access to these complete views for the most important 500 tracks, defined by number of remixes.

Just an idea because I love numbers.
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A good idea like it
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I do understand the interest in such numbers, and I have some idea which tracks would be on that "most relevant" list - I just do not believe the term "most relevant" is the correct one here, and it does smell like the dreaded best-of list we have been avoiding. Same for "most important" - thats thinking the wrong way IMO.
The most important tracks are YOURS, you did your best, spent time and love to create them, and maybe those which motivated YOU to grab your instrument. No need for any "most relevant" list that would show you drum templates shared in 2011.
Hope you'll understand my line of thought -Im not all against displaying those stats on the tracks, but i'm definetly against any lists.
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I strongly agree with Dick, making music shouldn't be a competition. And besides that the top of the list probably would be filled drumtracks as they are the most versatile. They have no boundaries set like a chord-sequence, and some of those could even be used in different (cross-over)styles.
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Please don't get me wrong. I hate competitions except the football-WM, the EM, other sports events and the ESC in music.
I used the term "list" because there is no need to ask the database again for every interest, so you can update the "list" on a monthly base.

I would use a 2nd seperated list for drums in the FIRST position but I suppose the most remixed tracks will offen hide in 2. or 3. position of any tree.

The most remixed drum tracks list could be very helpful if it includes the tempo information without "fixed" bpm-ranges. The same would be approximately if you count ALL thumbs in the sub-branches. I would prefer the neutral "number of remixes" more than the rating thumbs.
Thanks for interest.
PS: the "most important" remix could be of course the very last one which finishes a composition's recording and gets no remixes will never show up in the "remix counting".
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I agree with Dick as well. The last thing you want is lists everywhere... a lot of work for no real reason.

What would be a better thing to think about is to start looking at the album section more for all the great stuff that has been on the Loops. That is where everyone is putting what they think is there best stuff. And at this point it is refined. This to me is, as of yet, an untapped resource!

just my 2 cents...B)
rp3 (Raymond)
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You are right. I resign my suggestion to present the 500 track-IDs with the most remixes in all sub-branches on Wikiloops. The information itself is useless if no one will use it.

Personally I concentrate on composing new music because this is a nice work to do. :)
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Pure fingerstyle
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@nilton: please re-post above as a new thread to keep things halfways on-topic, and do me the favor to elaborate on how you know which tracks to check for your point 1) .
I'd like to know what the "search by..." or "sort by...." criteria are, then I can answer in a more precise way.
If you'd like to check "every branch of this tree which includes bass (no matter in which remix step), but only one track per different bassline so I have an overview over available basslines", then that is indeed a bit difficult to do - is that what you have in mind?
*new thread plese!*
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