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Who's Downloading My Track?

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Is there a way to track who and what
Mixes are being downloaded and by who and when?
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FRANK2654 wrote:
Is there a way to track who and what
Mixes are being downloaded and by who and when?

GO to your profile, then click tracks, then click "remixes of Frank2654's tracks" in the drop down which specifies what to show on the page. That will show actual remixes.

No way to tell who is downloading them if they haven't done a remix though.
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correct answer by girard there :) It would be possible to provide the "who did"-data, but seriously, I'm not sure this way of "tracking" other users really is a nice thing.
I imagine it would be about as annoying as the "message seen" notice provided by several messengers - it does cut the freedom to do as one likes, and it does raise the expectation to get a response or remix in our case, which will not always be rewarded. I'm not sure if the benefits are greater than the downsides in this tbh.
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and regardless of the privacy aspect Dick rightfully mentioned additional datas would need to be stored ... which would probably make the db grow quite quickly considering how fast wikiloops is growing.
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How the hell didn't I spot that feature? Now I feel daft. Superb!
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