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Resignation from guitar.

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I wanted to thank wikiloops and the community of musicians here for making this such a wonderful place to share music.

That being said, I have come to the decision to quit playing music. Time constraints and a general lack of interest have got the best of me unfortunately.

Thanks to all who listened!

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Sorry to hear that, really. I believe we all find ourselves in that place from time to time.
I don't want to question your decision but if you reconsider there are lots of people here to give you input on paths out of that place.
Pure fingerstyle
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I think that if you decided to quit because you got the feeling that "nobody cared", you should reconsider and try again. Everybody here feels like nobody cares most of the time. It's just the way it is. Jam for the fun of it instead of some feeling that you need recognition or validation if that became a concern. :D

I hope you change your mind.
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Sorry to hear about that...let me just tell you that, as an old man with experience: I put down the guitar around 20 years ago, I had small kids, a nagging wife and work work work. It wasn't a decision, it just happened. I only started playing again after I got a small amplifier as a present, and then when I was looking for some drum backing to practice I found wikiloops. I don't have too many regrets in life, but not playing for 20 years is probably my biggest regret...so my advice is, don't give up your guitar - give it another go or you will end up regretting it...
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Same as TG, quit for over 20 years, only picked it up again when I quit smoking, and I too truly regret the time lost. Don't give up entirely, if nothing else playing guitar is a great stress reliever
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Fenix Phire wrote: Thanks to all who listened!

Thanks for your adds! I really loved [url=http://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-71360.php]#71360[/url]. Hurry back; you'll miss it and be missed. ;)
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I am a wise old man. Listen.

Music is the only friend in life who will never leave YOU. Don't mistreat HER or him.
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Agree with everything said here. I can't even imagine quitting music ... the first time I heard you play was this morning - it was on a fun track I did with Shi and Adu ... I was really impressed, you're a good guitar player .. what a shame! :)
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Hey Fenix,

it's sad that to hear!!

Trust me, it is like TG said!! Also my biggest regret. 40 years,only listen music. It's nice, okay. But it was not that what I want to d.
It's just happened. But music was my first love, and will be my last.....

All the best for you :)
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Never say never, I hope to see you again soon here ;o)
Friedrich Nietzsche: "Without music, life would be a mistake."
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The topic title makes me feel sad but all of the replies are so affirming! Truly this is an amazing community of music lovers and makers. Fenix, I hope you will one day find again the fire inside that rings the bell for all of us here. As the Welsh say, we will keep a welcome for you. Good luck!
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Good Luck. Follow your heart. Hopefully one day it leads you back to the guitar...or bass, for that matter...
rp3 (Raymond)
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Sometimes we need/have to step away for a time.
I say that from my personal experience.
Having listened to some of your tracks today for the first
time I am of the opinion you are a fine player in possession
of the gift of music.
I hope you revisit your decision on another day.
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It is perfectly fine if you make a choice to not play but.... I was at a time in my life where work, wife, kids and such kept me out of bands, so I taught for a bit and felt like a really cool sitter whaile some kids mom took a half hour to run an errand somedays. I basiclly quit trying. I would play once in a while but the passion was gone. Fast forward 12 years later and I am in a bar watching a freind of my wifes husbands band play a gig, the band wanted to play hey Joe and the drummer insisted he did not know it, I yelled to him that it was a easy beat (I am not a drummer btw) and he tossed his sticks at me and said show him. I had a blast. The wife saw how much fun I had and said I should start playing again. She now likely regrets that but I got back into music and I kick myself in the rear all the time for the lost time and what I could have learned. If you cant play everyday its understandable, you cant fault yourself but keep a forward momentum in your knowledge, if its something you enjoy, or you might wind up feeling like a lot of us do from what I have read.
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Hi friends at Wikiloops,

I've had a few weeks now to think about music, and how much it really does mean to me. I may have been a bit premature in my comment on quitting music all together. I don't think any musician ever really quits music... it becomes part of what we are as a person. Its our way of life, part of identity, and actually something that flows through our veins in a figurative sense. There's no real possible way to part with it all together.

So I may step back up to the plate and take another swing at this again. At the end of the day, we really are "all in this together" when it comes to this awesome community of musicians.

Thank you all for the positive comments here as well. Your kind words have not gone unnoticed... and I hope to collaborate with you guys in the near future again!

Thank you!

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Good for you, I think you've made a good decision - hope to see you around in the Loops :)
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Yeah, I took a breather when the kids were in school. The neck on my bass got pretty straight hanging on the wall for all those years. Then when the kids all graduated, I heard the calling once again.. I guess I won't ever quit..just stray and that's okay :)
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comment I completely abandoned the guitar for more than 15 years and my life went into a deep vacuum, something I will regret for life... Leave the band that I played, I left the premises of trials with my friends and even stopped attending live concerts of groups, that brought me too many memories and couldn't stand the idea of admitting that everything came because of the insecurity in myself, in the stage fright that paralyzed me whole body...
When I hug my guitar 15 years later, I wept in rage, impotence, 5 years ago that I recovered the illusion, I alone in my house, no compromises, no pressure, now I enjoy the music, but the fright, continuing through my veins, and the days of uncertainty are sometimes doubts not progress properly, the monotony, so we must listen to what your heart the music is like a river, it flows,Some days with clarity and others days with them water riots, but flows, is what matters....

I wish the best for you Fenix :)
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