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[Search] Be able to pick the musician's style as well

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The current search has no option so you can pick a Musician and just listen to their Pop / Rock etc songs without pulling up their complete sessions.

Would love to be able to select a genre and see which songs that Musician has written in that genre.
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hmmmm. What is wrong with visiting someones profile and filtering his tracks by genre? There is an option to filter by Genre built into the top bar of the "my Tracks"-Tab which does just that - or am I missing something?

I must admit that I kept the "and now I also would like to tell the search engine WHICH MUSICIAN should play in my desired track"-filter out of the track search engine.
TBH, I believe most visitors know they want p.e. a Blues with bass and drums - new visitors have no clue who is who here, to offer them a dropdown menue with 1700+ active users on the loops just wouldn't make any sense.
To look on some artists profile for his or her content is somewhat self explanatory...
if I ever get bored for real, I'll set up a nerds engine in which the veteran wikiloops user may enter all his desires, including ideal artist combinations... but that will be some more time untill then I'm affraid...
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yes, you are looking at the administrators signature.
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its possible to fit nerdsbuttons by app? is it possible to find me on the moon with jazz and on mars with bloes? is good anywhere between there and fit me up? a user;)
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