Display of Key?

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Hi Dick

I was wondering if you had thought of displaying the key of the jam (if there is one) near or beside the tempo (or with added instruments) or using the key for a jam in the search engine?

Cheers Ricardo
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hey Ricardo & welcome to the loops!

Of course, I have thought about that, even tried to find out if there was a way of analyzing the riff info, so one would get a cear idea of which key a tune is in. I am sorry to say so, but neither me nor any of my friends could come up with a solution to this question, and while I myself can tell you the notes I used on bass, I still dont have a clue which key that is...
so, when offering a "key" field, most people would leave it blank I'm affraid, and if you can see the riff info, maybe you'll understand which key a song is in?!
We started the Tab-option just a week ago or so, still working on that, and I believe there is much to do about that before its all good (still some chord types missing...).
Sorry to reply with a soft no, if you have any constructive ideas, bring em on :) As you may have noticed from the size of the feedback corner in the forum, I am quite happy to see what I can do :)

You dont speak spanish or portoguese btw?! lol

best wishes!

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Thanks for your reply Dick

The riffs certainly give a good lead towards what key is involved. No Spanish or Portugese I'm afraid, just a plain old Aussie Richard who likes to add abit of flavour sometimes :-)

Cheers, Ricardo
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