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No more downloads without likes!!

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I read this by Dick on the shoutbox: "i find it a bit saddening at times to notice people register, download 45 tracks and forget to write a single comment or give a thumb..."

Would it not be possible to make each download automatically "like" the song? Or maybe the download does not start until the "like" button is not clicked. For me, there can't be a reason to download a track without liking it.

Maybe even have a popup come up for writing a little appreciation while the download ends?
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Having thought about it a bit more, maybe every time a download is made it should generate a "like" if that has not already been done, and an automated text will appear in the track compliments, for instance: "TG_Strat liked your song so much, he decided to download it :)"

Whaddyasay, doable?
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let me try to anwer that in a short way:
I believe any kind of "forced interaction" as in "you have to like / comment to enable the download feature" will lead to something bad.
People would feel pushed and would probably not start writing nice comments, so the "friendly reminder" you have seen in the shoutbox is pretty much the strongest hint I would give to our silent visitors.
wikiloops is one of the few free sites that do not eventually push you to "like us on facebook", "subscribe to our mailing list", "sign up (and pay) to get to see the interesting part of the content", "watch this video-ad before download is available" etc etc, and even tho we have those "silent downloaders", I'm still fond of not having any of that.

To create a newsfeed item about your tracks being downloaded... possible, but will lead to a lot of notices if you happen to be a drummer and supply lots of templates. Not sure I'd enjoy that.

To create an automated comment as you propose... also possible, but revealing personal data (who was there when) without prior user consent - someone new to wikiloops might be surprised to see there is a public record of his download, so there is quite a lot of potential for user irritation, while the gain seems rather small.

Last, the number of downloads is taken into account when ranking tracks for the search engine, you are not "loosing" anything in that aspect if someone downloads your track, but does not also like it, so that has been taken care of as well.
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I understand where TG is going and glad Dick cleared it up.Was wondering which tracks have most thumbs and which has most downloads. For me Downloads are like Thumbs if you like a track you download it and give it a thumb. Either way the point is tracks are liked by someone on the wiki. Thumbs or downloads it don't matter It's all good playing by all of us.
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I think every time someone downloads something I post, their bank account should be emptied into mine .. haha .. I like that idea. :)
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Ok, it was just a thought. I am not too worried about the likes in relation to which track has the most likes, I was just thinking it would be a nice thing for the guy who has made the track to get some sort of recognition in form of a like, that's all. But thanks for debating it anyway. I always "like" tracks I download, unless maybe I forget but then that is only because of old age.
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Pudsy440 wrote:
I think every time someone downloads something I post, their bank account should be emptied into mine .. haha .. I like that idea. :)

Does that work both ways if you have an overdraft? :).

I can agree with TG on this topic as many drummers and bassists are happy to put up templates intending for them to be downloaded for practice and the thumb is a little sign of thanks. But if I weigh this against all the reasons Dick gives, they are all the reasons why this is the only community / site I actively use on the internet, therefore I will be just happy someone has found a use for my mix and the comments from the regular musicians on the site are much more meaningful for me than the missed thumbs.
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und welche probleme habt ihr sonstnoch? echt jetzt!
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Wenn ich es recht verstehe geht es hier um Downloader die keinen Daumen gegeben haben, o.k. das kann ja im Eifer des Gefechtes mal passieren. Das es User gibt die grundsätzlich keinen Daumen geben wenn sie etwas downloaden finde ich befremdlich aber grundsätzlich nicht schlimm.
Ein kleines pop-up Fenster mit dem Hinweis (Du bist im Begriff einen Track zu downloaden dem du noch keinen Daumen gegeben hast ... ist das so in deinem Sinne ? Dann ja/nein, bei ja geht es einfach weiter wie gehabt und bei nein kann man mittels eines Häkchens an dieser Stelle den Daumen nachholen und dann weiter) wäre vielleicht an dieser Stelle hilfreich.

Einen e-mail Hinweis wenn jemand einen Track downloaded oder in eine Playlist steckt möchte ich nicht unbedingt. Allerdings fände ich es cool wenn man das einsehen könnte. Ich kenne das von Soundcloud das z.B. angezeigt wird wer deinen Song in eine Playlist übernommen hat, das ist manchmal ganz interessant, ähnlich sehe ich das mit der Option einsehen zu können wer den Track gedownloaded hat.

Ich würde das mal als allgemeinen User-Service ansehen, überlebenswichtig finde ich es allerdings nicht ;o)
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