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We Need A Latin Category For Music.

We Need A Latin Category For Music.

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This has bugged me for a long time. We have a Samba category but a Latin category would cover several Latin types of music. Samba just doesn't cover the many different Latin styles that are out there.
Cody has Spoken !!:@
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Good point, but should the samba category be included in latin i.e just renaming it? Or should there be a separate category for Latin except samba? Or should there be more latin categories?
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Dick Supporter
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wouldn't the bossa nova category belong INTO that latin group as well? I wouldn't really mind merging bossa & samba, since both are rather small categories...
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TeeGee Supporter
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If you merge them then in a few years the Samba will rise up and demand independence. Or make a referendum. Librtate Samba! :D
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mpointon Supporter
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LOL @ TG. I agree with Cody though: create a 'Latin' category and merge bossa and samba into it. There's so many variations in Latin styles that they can't be covered individually. Also, it's easy to get bossa/samba/salsa/etc wrong so one catch-all category would probably help them be seen and heard. :)
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I just feel 'Latin' covers everything in the Latin music field. Just like 'Rock' covers the many different forms of Rock music. You really wouldn't need 'Samba' or 'Salsa' categories etc...'Latin' covers that.
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Good point from Martin....maybe he can put up some rhythms as examples of each type...so we don't get it wrong ever again!
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And a Soul/R&B.
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