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block for members

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i.ve made a misteake with the use of the orginal song .
this banned me from the wikiloops
it,s almost a halve year ......how long does it last
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To answer your question, upload blocks do not expire by default.

To anyone who might be wondering about this, the procedure works like this:
Anyone is welcome to wikiloops, and we naively assume people do stick to the rules of this place.
The moment we notice someone is ignoring the omnipresent message NOT TO UPLOAD COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL, we delete the material and write a friendly but clear email, warning the user that we will not tolerate that.
The rule offenders status is set to "has been warned", and further uploads will be monitored to make sure the rules are respected.
Should we notice a warned user is going on uploading audio which contains copyrighted content, the user account is blocked from uploading audio.

Our mission in this is to prevent costly legal claims against wikiloops.
Any copyrighted track on the 'loops is a potential danger to the fun we have here.
Since we have a lot of fun here, and a lot of people who are happy to use wikiloops the way we intended, there is quite some responsibility about keeping the place running.
Keeping the troublemakers from making trouble is one of the things we feel are necessary to meet that responsibility.

I believe I did offer dusty to lift the ban if he provided some kind of scanned ID including his real name & street adress, so I could easily pass on his details to any lawyer inquiring about the guy responsible for dustys future uploads,
never received anything of the kind.

Have a nice day.
"Sorry - had to do it!" - Les Claypool

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