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Looking for a sax player to play a duet on a song

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Hey guys, I have been playing with a great template, and I would love to have a Sax duet with the guitar. As a matter of fact, I put down the guitar track with the Sax already planned in.

There are 3 places where the Sax and guitar play the main riff together right at the start, in the middle and right at the end, then basically whenever there is no lead guitar the Sax can do whatever is necessary.

The reason I am not uploading it in the main forum first and then wait for the sax is that I prefer to get the sax track and play a little with the mix, if possible. I am sure there will be some adjustment to the guitar track needed, too.

Anyway, if someone here is interested then let's go. Cheers, TG :D

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here are some ideas :) I like this track.
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