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Sorting Tracks

Sorting Tracks

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mpointon Supporter
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Joined: Feb 27, 2015
In the 'My Tracks' tab of the profile, would it be possible to sort adds by number of downloads? I know you can sort by ratings which is technically similar but I'm finding that the number of thumbs often doesn't relate to the number of downloads. I have tracks with many thumbs but only a few downloads but also tracks with only a few thumbs but dozens of downloads...

People are always requesting more drum templates and I struggle to come up with ideas. I think having a view of which are the most-downloaded would show the type of playing and genres which are more popular; for me, it would allow me to focus on templates that seem most useful to players.

Alternatively, could it be a sort option on the general search?

Am I making sense?
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Dick Supporter
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Joined: Dec 30, 2010
yes, you are making sense :)

the reason I'm very carefull about a "most downloaded" order is that it will most likely produce a totally static list that will kind of self-manifest itself if it is presented too prominently.
Its the good old problem that things which made it to the top of that list will be downloaded the most in the future, too, so this will not be a diverse list where the fantastic new track of yours will ever have a chance to show up.
One could try to generate an downloads / listeners value, but that has its own statistical problems because the listened-count does not resemble unique visitors(you get counted multiple times as you revisit a track), while the download count does.

I do understand this may still be worth adding to ones own profile track list, just for the fun of it, but I wouldn't set it as the default order because of above reasons.
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mpointon Supporter
Posts: 504
Joined: Feb 27, 2015
Thanks, Dick. I completely agree with your reasoning there which is why I initially suggested to have it as just something for the 'Your Tracks' part of the profile. I'd be perfectly happy to make it a private option so you can only see your own download stats?
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