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I've noticed a real decline in the number of tracks going up and the number of people openly participating in the loop[s open structure. and also the number of people you know are online but stealthed.
when i look on peoples profiles now they've all got private bands!
seems to be getting cliquey and unshareing......sad:(
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Hey Kimbo,
I think this may be a wrong perception as far as the bands are concerned - take me, I have 35 bands listed on my profile, but I'm not active in any of these - as the system is right now, any band you ever got invited to is listed there regardless of your participation (something which I should fix, I know). Besides that, we are seeing the usual summer slowdown as people are chilling on beaches and grill parties, nothing to worry about :)
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It's a difficult one. I've just looked at my list of private bands and it appears I'm in about 12 or more bands! All of these were by invite to contribute and most I haven't got around to. I've not recorded for a private band project since last year - in fact I forgot they were there until I read this thread.

I wouldn't miss private bands if they were disabled. Everything I do is and should be for the public loops. But I can see their point for people who're perhaps uncomfortable with laying their skills wide open to the sometimes rabid opinions of the Internet or, in my experience, it seems to be for people who want to do covers. Either way, I contribute if asked but otherwise have no interest in the private bands part of the site.

But I do agree there's seemingly been a drop in public activity recently. I largely put it down to people I follow leaving and not noticing new members until they add to something I have. I just don't notice new stuff because I always go to my profile feed - a habit I really, really need to change so I don't miss all the great adds from people I'm not following. I'm also acutely aware of my recent drop in output but that's, as many know, due to personal circumstance and not through a loss of interest in the loops.

I sincerely hope it's not getting cliquey - I'd hate to see that happen. Everything on the loops, to me, is for the 'greater good' and for sharing with all. When I was a beginner, I'd have given my back teeth for a facility like the loops - to be able to access such a vast array of skills, styles and experience to learn from. I've always believed that the ability to improvise is paramount to making a well-rounded musician and the loops gives beginners and experts alike the solid backing they need to learn to use their creativity. And that's ignoring the huge social benefits it gives. I'd hate for that to diminish.
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I love the band function, it allows people to work on things and upload stuff to the open when it is ready and/or worth uploading. It also allows for more honest opinions to be shared in a trusted environment than in the open forum where any slight critique is unwanted, or has to be heavily sugar coated as not to cause offence. Regarding the "cliquey" thing, I don't think the band function is particularly "cliquey", it's just a group of people doing music. On the other hand even before the band section was popular there were and are cliques in Wikiloops, if you like it or not. And whether it is intentionally or not.

I think the band function on Wikiloops is unique, I haven't seen one like that, and I hope it will be developed further. There is place for both band and regular section.

And finally, I think I have to agree with Dick, there is a drop in activity sometimes due to seasons , same as there is more happening on the weekends or evenings. One thing that has changed I believe is that now there are so many more users, and often so many more songs you can't listen to them all. I try to listen every day to the "new songs" feed at work, but can't always "like" them. But at least I am listening...
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I know I've slowed down; other bassists are too quick for me. (Some hit every song within hours, it seems.) In fact, I wouldn't mind a feature where a daily amount of contributions were limited. You know, something like three uploads a day limit.
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Danny you have been missed... I use to feel the same way as you. It seemed someone was always getting to a song before I was able to. But at some point I said who cares. If I like a song and want to jam to it, I'm gonna do that. That is the beauty of the Loops, there is no limit on how many adds a template can handle .... just see where it goes.

One feature I have noticed is if you upload in succession only 1 of your tracks will show up on the wall...
rp3 (Raymond)
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Lol @Danny and Ray, I know what you feel, however I convinced myself the first upload is not always the best ;). I am slow with uploads, I need time...god help us all if I would have to upload stuff within an hour of listening to it :O
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I used to think it wasn't worth adding to stems that had other adds on. But then I decided to hell with it. Even if you end up playing roughly the same thing (happens a lot with drums!) I don't think it really matters as everyone approaches things differently, no matter how subtle those differences are. Although I'm happy turning tunes round pretty quickly, it all depends on whether a template I like turns up at the same time as when I'm ready to do some recording.
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Danny I can sympathise with your view, but I see it very differently . What I do is once I find a jam where I want to add, I make sure not to revisit the link or check out any other bass lines. I often look at mixes a couple of years old if the current playlist is not doing it for me with 20+ bass lines. What I am really interested in is the quality of the instrument adds, particularly of the drumming, and then I work out my line and tone etc. and after uploading I then listen to the bass adds and compare ... great learning and two weeks ago, I figured after 4 years of playing I have started to develop my own sound and style over the last 7 months of Wikiloops ... never could have done it without this process. On the private bands I like the idea of collaborating with three or four musicians on a project where you can experiment and work in more depth, but did not find the time or people to do it, but like the idea of the functionality. To Dick's point currently on 2 weeks vacation ... without my bass :@
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This has gone quite off topic but really shows the different approach everyone has to the loops.
For example I am amazed that you guys may have skipped a template because someone else already uploaded his remix! I dig out the database up to the very first available template... When I find something inspiring or that fits my mood, a huge remix tree doesn't really discourage me :) I could never keep pace with "new tracks".
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There's a beach near by? :)
-Zamzam & the MellyOmatic-
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Son of a beach?? haha :) Not really sure what zam zam was referring to, but I wouldn't get discouraged if someone jumps in ahead of you on a track. I do understand that feeling though. This tree thing is genius and it allows for players of all levels to do whatever they want, whenever they want without stepping on others toes. It could be right away or a year from now when you post. You can go right back to the beginning and jam with the root track or you can noodle on top of the finest tracks here and drive others crazy, haha. None of that matters either because this site is the ultimate template in musical fairness. You just make another branch if you don't like a musical addition. Nothing like real band situations where there's always some egotist that wants to be in control, be the creative guy, tell you to turn down, laugh at your licks, etc. etc... and you're pretty much trapped. Until you snap and go on a rampage, swinging your instrument like a madman .. LOL! :P Oh I just noticed the topic is on wiki bands ... that's a good idea too!!
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