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Happy Birthday Dick!

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I know your Birthday is tommorow but, i want to say Happy Birthday and have a nice Day with your family and friends. We´ll see us soon and stay healthy!

I appretiate your effort for this nice place, for us all on the internet.

Hughs Adu! ;)
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Now, I can join Adu and wish Dick a Happy Birthday and a big "thanks again"
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Wow! Happy Birthday, Dick! :)
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Happy Birthday old chap, have a nice one :)
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Sending Birthday Greetings from me as well Dick, have a lovely day and all good things to you :)
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Happy Birthday Dick! Best Wishes!
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Happy Birthday from me too. It is my great honor to be a member of this big family.
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Hey Dick, Happy Birthday and many more... cheers!
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Yes, Happy Birthday Dick...thanks for creating the coolest, most awesome thing on the internet!!

rp3 (Raymond)
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Hey Dick
happy Birthday, have a great day, and have a beer before Ernie drinks them all!!Ha!
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petebass wrote:
Hey Dick
happy Birthday, have a great day, and have a beer before Ernie drinks them all!!Ha!

LOL .., thanks for that Pete, :) well I can't get mad, it's Friday and I'm thirsty as hell! Why pretend I don't want beer??

This is about Dick though ... :) Yes, congratulations on living another year, and I agree with Raymond, coolest thing on the net, well, at least for musicians, I know my wife could care less about this site. :) Too bad for her!
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Happy Birthday Dick, ich hoffe du verbringst einen schönen Geburtstag und lässt dich ordentlich feiern ;o)
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Happy birthday Dick.

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Happy Birthday Dick :D I hope you had a wonderful day :D
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Happy belated Birthday, Dick! Thank you for the best website on the internet!!
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Hey folks...
thank you all very much, it is beyond expression to know there are people from pretty much all around the globe who feel like congratulating me on my 36th birthday.
Spent the evening playing a gig and the weekend recovering from that - so please excuse my late reply.
Thanks again!
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