An Update

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Hello Loops,

I'm very aware that I have quite a few recordings promised/requested for Loopers. A combination of my shoulder/arm problems dictating when I can play, moving to a new home which won't have any internet access until after I get back from Steinfeld (plus I only get 1 bar of GPRS in the garden on my phone!) and my drums now being in a different house to me means I've struggled to get anything recorded at all recently.

This is just a note to say sorry to those I've said I'll do things for. I will get them done but it might be another week or two yet!!

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Hey Martin,
there's enough of your super drum tracks on here to keep us all happy,so get well, get your house sorted, and have lots of beers, a big thanks from me personally.
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Heal well, Martin. Take care of your health first and foremost.
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Health is first. All other is second. Be strong. ;)
Once in a life span is dying. I hope not because there is no beer.
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Just excuses Martin! Get yourself together man and don't be such a ..... :) :)

Totally kidding of course!

Get your shoulder in good health first and your new place in order! That is much more important at this stage, but i can imagine your stuggeling with the no playing modus your in at the moment!

Take care and till next week Martin!


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Health first Martin.
Godspeed my friend.
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Hi Martin, I wish you a speedy recovery and make mere no stress ;o)
Friedrich Nietzsche: "Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Irrtum."
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Got to give the body its own time to heal, here's to it being speedy!
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