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About Steinfeld 2016..

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Hi guys

It's been a couple of days i returned from the Wikimeet in Steinfeld. Despite being back home in my life & routines, i still feel as if suspended & held back in Steinfeld, much like a dreamy state..

Due to various circumstances, i wasn't sure i could attend & i really must thank Wade for enticing me in more ways than one to attend - you must come he wrote, you must come.. Love you for that & so much more Wade !!
I did go & the whole thing blew my mind, from the moment i set foot in Cologne down to the last moment..

To cut a VERY long story short, it totally went beyond my expectations : fantastic venue, tip top organisation of the event - HUGE kudos to the guy at the helm of the WikiShip, Richard !! It was the coolest bunch of people i've met in a long time, some of them i left feeling as if we've been friends for a long while now.

When writing this post i began addressing a little comment to each person i met, jammed, talked, learned from but… you are just SO MANY this post would look like a phone book plus i was afraid of leaving out someone !! You know who you are & I ABSOLUTELY MUST THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART the wonderful time i had there - i only hope i didn't hogged either the conversations or the bass & stopped anyone from jamming ? And gave back as much as i took ? If i didn't i apologise, i was just SO excited by the whole thing - what a buzz

The jams were so cool, had a go at several styles & instruments i'd never tried before ( hello Mandolodda & those mandolin jams, Marceys sax playing friend & again Wade, OliV & Marmotte, my oh my !! :) ) someone even managed to convince me to jam in only 2 chords ( hello Wade, Kimbo & Nilton eh, eh, eh…. ) & had the privilege to jam with or listen to so many great musicians playing in a zero attitude atmosphere, laid back.. just incredible

When Dick addressed us all at the farewell/rap-up of the event, i must admit i had to hold on to keep the waterworks in check & not make a fool of myself..
I love you guys, had the time of my life & put my name down for the next one - preferably next month, regardless where…. Did you hear that Dick ??
Also a big heartfelt thank you to your wife & your Parents

Every single one of you rocks, i love my WikiTribe brothers in arms
Long live the Loops…. hugs

plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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Trust me nuno mate when I say your wiki brothers and sisters where as priviledged to meet and play with you as you feel about them. Xxx
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lets prepare an old bus and do art on the road, Nice to meet you also in realy live nuno! cheerz
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earlsteven wrote:
lets prepare an old bus and do art on the road, Nice to meet you also in realy live nuno! cheerz

Ooooh, i like that idea, yes i do !!
Are we leaving next week ? I'll be there… ;)
plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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So sorry i missed you & didn't say a proper good bye but i was left under the impression you'd be at breakfast the next morning !!
No probs but careful.. i just MIGHT take you up on your offer, show up & knock on your door for some more wicked jamming… :D :D
Maybe even ''coinciding'' sometime Martin comes along too ? From now on the sky's the limit Mr. Master Groover..

Big hug from down south mate !!
plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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good to meet you ! entlich ;)
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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I would have loved to be able to write such a text, it's exactely what I feel, thanx for writing better than I could, I share each of your words and climb on the bus !
Love you wikiguys !
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