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Hello from East Coast!

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Hi! My name is Andre. (aka JudgeDrey)

I am from New Brunswick and I am 44. I just recently found this site and it blew my mind! I can not believe I have been going online and playing/recording all these years without hearing of this amazing community! It really frustrates me to know it's been here all along. I have spent many years on the Ultimate Guitar forums, which used to be great when you could upload tracks to your profile page, but they stopped that because of server requirements or something. Too bad because it was a very vibrant community at one time.

It didn't really have the uniqueness of Wikiloops though and it's "online jam" fundamentals. For lack of a better word. It is quite amazing really. I will be boosting this site as much as possible to all my musician friends you can be sure of that. I'd also like to think I'll be "supporting" Wikiloops in the near future when my finances allow it lol. But seriously. I hope this place prospers for many many more years.

A big thank you to everyone for accepting me in your community. And big shout out to all you incredible musicians I've had the pleasure to listen to in the VERY short period of time I've been browsing this site. AMAZING musicians!!! I just hope I can keep up!! I'll have to shake off the cobwebs and rustiness and get to practicing now that I have an "outlet" for my music, so to speak.

I'll leave it at that, though I could go on, and I'm sure I'll be an active poster in the forums soon enough. I usually am on most forums lol.;)

Cheers everyone! :)
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Welcome and enjoy the 'loops!
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Thanks very much!
I know I will enjoy it here very very much.

I am just a bit overwhelmed at the sheer volume of music there is to listen to atm.

It's all a good thing though! Looking forward to it!

Cheers, JudgeDrey
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welcome to the loops ! enjoy the music ;)
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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hi Andre. have a nice time here . :)
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Rockin´ in a free world !
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Hi Andre aka JudgeDrey welcome to the wikiloops
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Welcome to the 'loops!
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Welcome aboard, Andre. This is one addictive place!
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Good to have you here, Andre.
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