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I was thinking about the Idea of a "SPOKEN WORD". Catagory
It could be implemented for:
1)Spoken COMEDY TRACKS (Stand Up Skits)
2)Audio Examples of Sound Effects
3)Vocal Explanations of Song Structure and Format Ideas
4)I'm Sure there is also More.
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well. Nothing wrong with suggesting a new category - the thing about spoken word is, that this genre is not really of any use when it comes to finding tracks one might want to play along to...
I never saw any google requests for "spoken word tracks without bass" or "spoken word for tuba practise", so it would be some kind of side thing to add.
Of course the spoken word artists among us would appreciate the category, no doubt, it just won't mix well with the rest of the genres, so I'm really not all convinced to tell you the truth.
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Would acapella rap fall under the spoken word category? Or more general, rhythmic poetry?
Pure fingerstyle
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I recommend to intensify the use of the tags.
If i describe my playing style as psychedelic or spoken word or whatever, and I plce an add to a jazz song, I would keep the category and add this certain category.
In the end neither psychedelic, nor spoken word, nor experimental or similar do not categorize a musical style. They just describe the way of exploring a musical style.
Of course it may be that a track does not really fall in a certain category. Nevertheless I do not recommend the use of a catgegory "other" cause it will hinder users to consider to which style they are close. Such a category soon would be overcrowded.
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