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Most times I'm online I look what's new. Yet the best to do this is using the upload-list sorted by ID-number.

But in this list there is overload of some really creative musicians. I know their names and their style. I could use their profile page to get the sorted list of their work.

What about a third entry list? It should include only one entry per musician BUT is sorted by date not by name!

Technically the list shows the highest track-ID used by any member not sorted by number oder name but date of this upload. Every musicians appears only once. This is what I want to know: What is new from a and b and c and d and e,f... in a very handy much shorter list.

Thanks for reading. Best wishes.
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well imo you should use your newsfeed and select "friends upload only" and there you got it ... more or less
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I am not really sure what you mean.
On one hand it seems to me, that you would like to have a list, in which only the newest upload of any musician appears. But on the other hand you would like to have a shorter list than the latest upload list. But in fact this would be quite a long list, cause it would contain (currently) 1901 tracks(1901 currently is the number of active musicians here on the loops) .
Of course it may be, that you mean exactly this feature, cause you may argue that all tracks which are older than 1 week are not from special interest.
Would you pls kindly clarify?
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Yes Will, I mean exactly this list with 1900 lines max. One line for each member but the list is sorted by date of latest upload NOT by names.

You will see 3 parts in the new list the very active uploaders (maybe 30 people,e.g. Cody), the decent users (maybe 300 members, e.g. Anne and Shi) and the members who stopped uploads, e.g. Voodooking.

In fact it may be useful to limit this new entry list (a. Best rated, b. by date, c. Latest of...) to 350 lines only if it saves computer costs. Not sure about this.

Well, my bunny list can't do this feature. I use it as a reminder of names only. Of course you don't need a reminder for someone who shows up daily with music. But I don't want to shorten my private list. If someone is not incorporated there this does not mean anything! I don't want to work with this list for some reasons. The best: I want to hear NEW members. They will show up higher if the very active users get only one line. Kind of democracy? One man one line... :)

Please don't understand me wrong, I like ALL songs from most people!

Thanks for reading.
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