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Powers Of Clairvoyance?

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Really doesn't matter of course, but I am impressed that the update from Dick in our news feed about the Steinfeld Sessions is posted from four days in the future! :)
mpointon attached the following image:

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roflmao !! Wikiloops has secret time channels dontcha know ???? :D
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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well that's uhm .... *interesting* .. hahaha ... :) ;)
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Oh man, so i was too early in Steinfeld!.... damn....must have been some dressed up nuns where i did the jamming with! :)
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Or something like that! :)
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well... to tell you the truth, I'm just using the timestamp to tell your newsfeed when this item expires, it will not be visible on your newsfeed after monday, that's the whole secret.
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yes, you are looking at the administrators signature.
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Yeah, i recall you told us last year this was the case with the announcements!

But it is way cooler to make something up! :)
Or something like that! :)
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I didn't catch the date thingy but thoroughly enjoyed the video.
Good to see some of my comrades here appear as old/older than me :)
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