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Bpm in sort in a profile page

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I miss the bpm-information in most cases. I have just written some songs and I would like to jam with drummer Sbisio.

If I visit his profile page I find many drum tracks because he his a drummer and uploads drum-tracks. But in the list there is no tempo information to be seen.

If I could sort this list by tempo, maybe I could find a track exactly with 150 or 152 bpm. If I am lucky this track will be in even-8th-feel... :)

And of course I could visit some profile pages of other drummers, too.

Maybe you like to have a look on this idea. It would be a good help for the workflow: composition->bpm needed->drumtrack to add->waiting for bassplayer.

Thanks for reading.
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You can generally search for drumtracks with 150 to 159 bpm.
If sbisio mentions the speed of his drumming and if he has uploaded a track in this velocity range you should find it in one of the 754 track, you get listed.
If not, you find lots of other drumtracks of other drummers in this this velocity.
Ifyou have any further preferences like style and meter, you could also state this as search criteria to get less search results.
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Thanks for your help, Will. You gave a good description of the existing search engine. I know this engine well because I joined Wikiloops 3 years ago, I guess. You'll find the first upload of any member in his track-list in his profile if you sortby date, not by rating. You can even restrict to instrument and style. In some cases it could be useful to sort by bpm.

Because this is not available now, it should be worth a suggestion. My feedback is, I find it hard to get the right track because I am looking for exakt bpm and I don't want to work with midi-like-drumming. It is all mixed in the results of the overall search engine. If I see 10 drumtracks that's more than I could check. Of course you need luck to find a track with the right arrangement, e.g. 8 or 12 or 16 bars per part.

As you can see I was able to find some tracks to add. Nevertheless I am a fan of a more person-orientated search because of the reasons mentioned above. :)
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I also think it would be good to have an exact bpm search for when you are mixing two tracks by others to something you are playing on. It allows for some interesting mashups :) As an example, if someone does a vocal track and you have an exact bpm you can match it to an existing drum track and then play along to that mixed track.
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hey there.
searching for exact bpm will be possible on the new search engines interface after the upcoming update, it will not be available on profiles, to avoid an overload of options on that layout.
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