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I am Ahang, I Play Piano

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Hello Wikiloopers,

Over the past few years, I have been following an excellent piano player on Google+ and YouTube. She is a little more comfortable speaking German than English. I am just dazzled by her technical skill. It must be some of what people experienced when listening to Art Tatum. These links will take you to Ahang and her wonderful piano playing:


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Well, this is a forum, so we can all express opinions. Ahang Shirin is indeed a piano player, but not a pianist. Few or no technical faults in her playing, but absolutely no feeling. It's like listening to a mechanical piano that has been programmed. I can't see how this compares to Art Tatum. Just to make sure, I checked a number of her performances that were available through vimeo. All the same sort of lifeless (but accurate) playing.

We are fortunate to have a number of very fine pianists here on the loops. Some don't have Ahang's technical facility, but all have more feeling.
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