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Introducing myself after 14 months of membership... :)

introducing myself after 14 months of membership... :)

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Joined: Sep 2, 2015
hi @ all,

it "only" took me 14 months to introduce myself...
the reason for this, i just have discovered this forum & thread.

as a sax player (tenor, alto, soprano sax), living in a rural region in germany (some would call it "countryside idyll"), i wasn´t successful yet in finding a "physical" band to play with, though i´m searching really intensely. i´m a member of a saxophone quartet, but i´d like to play together with different musicians / different instruments.

following the advice of a friend of mine, i discovered WIKILOOPS. aahh, that´s great! seems to be a nice community with lots of musical diversity & interesting people!

actually, i´m just at the beginning of my discovery & looking forward to gain experience... preferably in jazz, world, electronic, experimental music.

it´s not so easy for me to communicate in english, so please be lenient with me!

many greetings,

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TeeGee Supporter
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Cool man ;)
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Dick Supporter
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I'm living in a "countryside idyll" myself, that was probably one of the main reasons why I felt something like wikiloops does make sense :)
Herzlich willkommen!
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Welcome! ;)
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Welcome, and enjoy the 'loops!
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thanks for your welcome greetings! :)
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adu Supporter
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Hi ajax Herzlich willkommen und sei dir sicher, hier bist du gut aufgehoben ;) Hab Spaß!
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herzlichen dank, adu! wer so gelenkige fußzehen hat, dem glaub ich gerne... :)
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Von Landei zu Landei: (;))
Herzlich willkommen und schön, wieder von Dir zu hören...
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@ Dick, @ will_C,
ach ja, geteiltes leid ist halbes leid... :)
greetings from [i]countryside idyll[/i] to [i]countryside idyll[/i]!
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