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Feed back - new site troubles

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Not of concern or bothering the use^^
First... Thanks a lot Dick for your impressive job!

I'm using firefox (up to date) with windows10

1- I have no more "online users" section.
2- While uploading the waveform can't be created and the player doesn't work.
(It is mentionned that the browser is not up to date)
3- I can't create the waveform after my uploading.
4- No shoutbox (and online users section) on the main wiki-page

I'm almost sorry to give that sort of a feedback but I've read that it can be useful!

Thanks again Dick^^
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No problem about short feeback, it's all welcome :)
I am working on the waveform issue, will have that fixed ASAP...
Point 4 is intended to keep the startpage a little less cluttered for newly entering folks, btw :)
"Sorry - had to do it!" - Les Claypool

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Meine Versuche, einen Download zu machen, schlagen leider fehl im neuen Release...kommt nur für eine halbe Sekunde die Verbindung, mehrmals, dann Fehlermeldung

Da ich Remixe erhalte, klappt der Download für nicht-Android-Systeme offensichtlich. Hoffe, dass eine Lösung machbar sein wird :)
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Die Reiter für die Temporange sind nicht zu fassen auf dem Touchscreen. Kann nur den unteren Reiter wo hinklicken...mit Mühe :)
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