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iMovie Users (Mac stuff)

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The last couple of videos I've uploaded to the loops has, once again, highlighted an ongoing issue I have with doing these videos. I was hoping MacOs Sierra would fix it but no chance.

When I do a video, it's pretty straightforward: video the take on my iPhone; mix the song in Reaper; render the mixes; import the video and audio mixdown into iMovie; line up the audio peaks on the video with the mixdown audio and set the volume on the video audio to zero.

Should be simple. But it's not. Every time I import the audio and the video, they will not line up. They slowly drift out of sync and I end up having to time-stretch the video to align it with the audio.

In theory, they should both line up perfectly! But they do not. I've tried importing the mixed audio as Wav, MP3 and AAC - all suffer the same problems. Is it my sample rates that are causing it?

I record at 48khz (it's what my interface supports). Is it the conversion to 44.1khz that's doing it?

Anyone else encountered this issue and do they have any fixes?

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Might have something to do with frames per second
I use after-effects and have tried iMovie,
URGGH! pain! Pain! Pain!:(:@
Can you not import video into your sound project?
I haven't done it before but I know both sound booth(mac) and logic(even logic express) can import video

Also you could be right about the two kinds of khz rendered out
Your video might be 48khz---see if you can render a 48khz version of music mixdown from "reaper"
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Gemma is right, you have to import video right on Garage band, this will work better. It's all set up to do this...
rp3 (Raymond)
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I record the movie in Photo Booth, import it into iMovie, and then import the mp3 from Garageband into iMovie and line them up manually. I gotta try rp3's idea to import the movie right into Garageband - haven't tried that before.
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Thanks all. I'll try importing the mixed renders from Reaper into GarageBand and then out again to iMovie. Ahh well...
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I have worked on Macs, in nearly every format or software ever invented for video. mpointon guessed it right the standard for digital audio is defined as 44.1Khz. sample rate regardless of NTSC or PAL formats (US or European). Often times Video software would allow you (on a Mac) to resample the audio applied to the project regardless of the source audio sample rate automatically convert the audio to 44.1 while the video is being rendered. I have noticed that this feature has been eliminated from newer mac OS 10+ software. Apple has gotten lazy with their OS vision as a media based machine to being a internet dongle...sorry I digress. So it's always best to first convert your audio to 44.1KZ before applying it to your video. Frame rate is also important, making sure that your using the appropriate frame rate (frames per second) for your video can impact audio sync. If you use Final, or Quicktime they have online help to understand what frame rates are recommended based on your Goal. CONVERT AUDIO FIRST
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