100,000th song

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Dick, I think you should do a 48-hour freeze on uploads at 99,999 and auction off the 100,000th to raise funds, just a thought
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good thing i still have some time to think about that one :)
We'll kick off the usual end -of-year support campaign quite soon, let's pray that goes well...
on a side nore: Is that a donkey in that picture? Man, thats one of my secret dreams in life to own a donkey one day ;)
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"Sorry - had to do it!" - Les Claypool

yes, you are looking at the administrators signature.
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Cracking idea, KMStar!
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I was just brainstorming on some fundraising ideas. my sanity kind of depends on the success of this site, I spend an unhealthy amount of time here keeping my mind off the day to day grind. The pic is me and my horse Timmy when he was about 4 or 5 months old. We adopted him and his mom from a rescue. They were almost dead from starvation when they were taken from their first owner. that was 3 years ago, they are both healthy as a horse now ;)
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