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i sometimes sit here and just wanna listen to some tracks without searching for any specific genre or musician.
and without alyways starting another track after the last is finished.
so what do you think abaout a jukebox that plays.. randomly or maybe with some searchparameters.

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hey ben,
sorry for the late response, I was deep in coding the playlist player when your suggestion came in - wich is partially kind of what you asked for - only that you'll have to build your own playlist for it first.
I have been thinking along the lines of wikiloops webradio (that be your thing then). If you ever visited my old website before I started out with wikiloops, you'd notice that broadcasting recordings via webradio was one of my prior projects in the times...
with wikiloops, I am really trying not to put too much of my own personal judgement on the music, and creating a radio playlist would be showing a lot of personal taste, so I'm unsure how to go about. I'm realy having a hard time featuring all kinds of styles on the wiki-facebook page, and I always feel like stepping onto somebodys toes by making a choice...

since you may create different playlists with your personal player now, why dont we go ahead and everybody who wants to creates his "wikiradio" playlist and posts it here once its done - maybe then I can mix theese up and create a public playlist...
whatcha think?

p.s. and to all wondering what personal player I'm talking about: the favorites function has had an upgrade, it ill now feature a player of its own which plays back all of your favorites one after another :)
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yeah dick. playlist is ways better than just a jukebox!
REALLY good idea
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yes, thanks for this new toy ;)
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Well actually i liked Ben initial idea !

Im a big fan of the feature '' Jam of the day '' , just because i like the randomness in it ... !

When listening to jam what is cool is to actually grab your guitar and pick a random jam... ? You're unable to play over it? Fine, click next for another random jam.

Well that how i jam ! The favorite playlist feature is awesome btw ! A big add-on, thanks for this !

A random feature could also bring back very old jam that had great potential... ! Anyway ! Just my opinion, i know you're busy a lot !


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