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Dear active Musicians

sorry, but I hate Chord information like:
key of E minor...
that the key is in E minor, I found normally by my self.
But I will be very happy if I get more information. And yes, it will be practice my ear if I found the chords by my self.

But, my time is not enough for this.

Please give me this information, it helps me a lot.

Thanks in advance
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I have to agree with you mandolodda I would like more info about chords on tracks. But I have found that if you use a program called riffstation it gives you a kind of idea of the chords so you could follow along. Do a google search and just for riffstation and just use the free version. Works for me. Hope it will help you also.

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But doesn't Riffstation only work with Youtube Songs/Artists. Not sure how it would apply to Wikiloops
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I believe one can load tracks into Riffstation from ones harddrive, that should be possible - I can't say if that's really a recommendable solution tho, just had a quick look at that a while ago.
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That is only with the Pro version that is a paid program. They do offer a trial. The new website program only works with YT videos.

The Pro version is pretty cool. I may buy it
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Even the pro version is not that accurate….like mandolodda said: the key and basic chords you can easily detect by ear, don’t start with altered chords like dim/sus/9’s/6’es/13’s etc…
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I have to agree with mandolodda, too. It's easier to get the chords from the source directly, for sure... Sometimes, it is not so easy for me to get the chords by ear, specially when we are in presence of several voicing of the same chord...
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This makes me wonder why things are like they are. I can see several reasons for not providing relevant information.

In no particular order:
One doesn't bother because the process of providing chord information feels do bothersome
One is unsure of which chords actually are played especially if the track is riff-based
One feels that the chord sequence is so obvious that anyone should get it, like a 12 bar blues
One is plain right lazy

Am i missing some reasons here?
How do we address the different reasons?
Pure fingerstyle
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nilton wrote:
....Am i missing some reasons here?

Perhaps one point isn't covered:
One doesn't know the names of chords. (I play with such a guitarist since many years)
Life is.
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If someone does not know the name of a chord he can use "022030" to remember a voicing. Voicings are important!
If you use a chromatic tuner it will show you e b e g d e. What will be the root? Why you got 4 different tones? Hasn't a chord only three?
One reason could be: keep it secret!

Ps write down the notes of the tuner to a system with 5 lines and you'll learn some fancy secrets...
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I am not a well educated player and I am a bit lazy also. One of the reasons cord info does not get attached by myself on most things is that I am afraid I will be wrong about what I think. When I play a bass line, am I playing the root or did I play a fifth and it harmonized well enough to make me think I played the right note? I play by ear and when on bass or guitar I tend to play a lot of fills so the amount of info is overwhelming for me to write down what I played after a track is recorded unless I keep it simple. Would it be better for someone to have no cord info and have to figure out what they should be playing or to have the wrong info and spend time figuring out that they need to ignore it then figure out what is right? Sorry I wish I was a better musician but I am never sure enough to state what I played
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The responses are very much inline with what i suspected.

Now, how to address them. Today there is no shortage on information and other resources. But i think the situation is very much like posting in an internet forum i a language that is not your own. Even if you have something to say, you might be intimidated by the thought that you either may be misunderstood or ridicule yourself (or both). I think most of us who are not native english speakers have been there. But we have overcome that. Could it be that the reluctance to provide chord (and other) info can be overcome in a similar way?
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