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My son Till is making professional videos

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Hi there!
If you need a pro video of your band or other project, you can ask my son, who is an artist and videograph and has a great feeling for music too.
He's in Berlin but travels a lot and his prices, I believe, are still moderate.

Here is one of his music clips as an example:

and his website with other examples:

... and excuse my shameless advertizing B)
I am rarely being here and having a look. Instead much practicing my technique and skills with a teacher and busy with my band project.

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Embedding didn't owrk. Now:
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I am happy I have followed this link! Excellant art-work. Fantastic song, singer, musicians, recording and mixing quality even in a Youtube-stream! Nice movement of video cut and blends to the rhythm of the music!!
Congratulations to your son from me! I would hire him... :)
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Was born in an analog world.
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Hey Lutz,
Great video work here, keep spreading the word.

You know, maybe Dick would consider WIKI-Vids.com.

It could be just what others need, besides the ol' youtube.. Although youtube is awesome, it needs a little wiki love.
And lots less AD's... So annoying.

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