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Players on the wiki

Players on the wiki

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This is just a suggestion not sure if it can be done but here it goes. I would like to have a way to know when a player I talk to a lot is on the wikiloops. for instance I talk to Akethesnaker and seem to always miss him when he is on. Maybe a ding or something. Like the ding you get when you have mail in your inbox. Just a thought it might be something that cannot be done.

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Great idea.
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Hmmm I don't know what happens when you have a ot of friends , all coming on and off that thing would drive me crazy. But a green light somewhere in the profile that shows if someone is online that could be cool. or in the message box?
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Just a thought on this idea I had to get a notice when a certain player you jam with is on line. We all get emails maybe the process to do this could be done through the email process. Like if I give a list of players and link those players emails together. And a sound the you have an email from one of the people on your list when they log in and go online. Or maybe the same way skype works when lets say Ake goes online he can send me a tone that he is online.
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Sorry for joining the discussion a little late,
let me just drop a few thoughts, maybe they can be useful in finding a good solution.

We have deliberatly avoided any kind of audio signals besides the music playback - if any kind of notification came with audio and you were just recording the browsers audio output (which is a totally valid way if you are too lazy to download and import), then such a sound would ruin your recording.
Now you will say: "Yes, but maybe one can disable them" - the thing about that is, people tend to not-find offered settings, and one would have to come up with a default setting. I'd vote for "no audio" as default, but that would lead to no one but maybe those who have read this thread using the feature.

Second, I do see a privacy issue here, too.
Being listed among the "online users" is optional for a reason, if you do not want to be bombed with messages, just go and hide your online status. It is a necessary feature, put yourself in the shoes of our lady singers, you do not want to get all the spontaneous requests.

What we do have: In your band-spaces, there is a seperate listing who of the band participants are online, maybe one could meet your need starting off from there, that would ensure that people "opt in" to being "exposed" this way.
A second approach would be to simply sort the online users panel, so people you are frequently messaging with appear at the top of the list. This will be a little difficult to achieve, but it can be done (alternatively, one might have the option to "pin to top" some of the users in the online users panel.
The downside of this approach is that the online users are not being displayed on mobile devices.

Bottom line, I'm aware wikiloops does not really work ideally for instant-messaging purposes as skype (or other services) do, and if there is a need to improve on that, I can see what can be done in mid-term.
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