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Etiquette - do you give thumbs 'all the way up'

Etiquette - do you give thumbs 'all the way up'

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Just curious how people think about this - no right or wrong answer.... :)

If you come across a great sounding remix that has been put together through a whole set of contributions (e.g. drums then keys then vox then bass, then gtr) do you give a thumbs up for just the end result or do you go back and give a thumb to everyone in the chain? Or maybe just those whose parts you thought were particularly good? (I'm sure we've all heard great parts on bad tracks and vice-versa!)

My own view on this as a 'thumber' is... inconsistent. Sometimes I'll give a thumb for a particular part I like, other times it's the overall sound and I'll try to give thumbs and comments to everyone involved. I suppose it also depends on how you come across the track- often I'm listening to a particular player out of curiousity because they might have given me a compliment so I'm very much hearing the part rather than the whole.

As a 'thumbee' I choose to believe that thumbs and compliments on remixes are an indirect reflection on the part I've played so don't necessarily expect anyone to pick out my 'layer' (The fact that someone has done a remix in the first place is a huge compliment!)

To be honest, this is nothing new for rhythm players - we're used to standing quietly in the corner after the gig while the singer or lead guitarist is mobbed but one of the interesting things about wikiloops is that oftentimes the 'normal' recording order is reversed with the 'lead' parts going down first. :)
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Wade Supporter
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You're right...there is no one answer. Ideally its' nice to credit all the parts you like by going back in the thread. Comes down to how much time you've got and your level of interest.

With as many member/contributors as we have right now it would be difficult to hear everyone. I think what's "normal" is to find players you like and follow them so that when they post something new you get notification. In the meanwhile you can go to their profile section and listen to their previous tracks.

The level of time I can afford for listening and comments comes to following around 40 active players with a few posting up to five a week. There are others I follow who have outstanding work, but post few tracks so they don't need much time. Also depends on your social interactions. There are certainly aspects of this site that resemble facebook.

Fortunately you are in great company where rhythm players are certainly not ignored. You are CHERISHED!
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Dick Supporter
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Hey GrooveEnth,
good observation there, and as you expected and Wade said - there is no general answer but "It's up to you".
The idea that thumbs might as well be "passed down" to the previous remix steps has been considered (some even suggested passing down quarter-thumbs or similar split downs), but I never adopted that for several reasons:
First of all, the suppliers of often-remixed tracks would not enjoy receiving 450 "User X liked your drumtrack on remix Z" notifications a day, keeping up with checking out the remixes can become a challenge quite quickly (and I have to admit to have given up on believeing I could listen to them all), so there is one reason.
This may sound odd if you are starting out on wikiloops and happy about any kind of interaction to your tracks, but we need to find a balance that works for folks like Dafunkydrummer (sorry, just naming one, there are more), too, right?

Second, the motivation to offer the recently added "statistics" on each track was to solve this issue -
even tho you do not get a thumb notification and the thumb-counts of the templates are not increased when a remix gets thumbed, you can easily check how many thumbs were given to all remixes.
I spotted some early-wiki-days drum template ( #884 by Baer ) the other day and checked the stats, it had a thumb ratio of 10 for the template vs. 2.566 for the remixes. It's nice to be able to look at that,
but I hope it serves as a good example why one notification per thumb would have been a little too much on Mr.Baers newsfeed :)

+1 to what Wade said about rhythm players - I don't say it too loud so the solo guitar players and vocalists will not be depressed, but if you look at which tracks are being favored by the wikiloops community and which tracks are downloaded most often, then the rhythm section guys are the hot items on wikiloops ( we knew it, right? :P )
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I was one of thiose asking for a button to instantly click all the parts of a song if I felt it was a nice song. and yes, sometimes I do go back and even listen to previous parts of a song, especially if I want to understand what has been done by whom, not always clear. I try to leave thumbs whenever I can, but to be honest, it is not something I always do. Out of laziness probably, and maybe also as it would more time, which we often don't have. But I have to agree to what Dick wrote, if you are a drummer at the base of things, you would get so many notifications it would be a bother. So the statistics are nice, showing you how many downloads and remixes, this is what matters.
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As all before me I agree with all. Myself I didn't give it much thought but it is an interesting approach. I try to give thumbs whenever a track catches my ear. The first to the last if it sounds good give a thumbs. Some musicians do try hard and I feel they to deserve a thumbs to for their efforts. Or maybe a half thumb. Anyway over the time I have spent on the wiki there has been a lot of pros and cons about the thumb system. If you have listened to a track then that means something caught your attention to that track it may be the title of the track or something else. If you listened it's just like a thumbs up.
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