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Jam Delete and Jam subscribe

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...user ability to Delete a remix they have posted...in case of mix mistakes (ehem) or 'misgivings'

also...a clickbox to subscribe to the comments on a given jam...sometimes there are questions, or you just want to hear if there is a response to your comment...

just some lil ideas after a few days...by no means bellyaching, lol

awesome site, love how it works already! thank you

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the delete function is there: its within the "report track"-functionality.
I've written that all over the place before: Please notice you can only delete an upload AS LONG AS NO REMIXES WHERE POSTED. please take a look into the faq to learn more about this rule (i think the reasons are quite obvious, but...)

Following comments other than those left to your uploads is something that is missing indeed, maybe I can come up with something when reworking the wall on your profile... I just dont want it to look like facebook all the way, even tho their system of notification is really well thought thru (please move the last three words to get them in a grammaticly correct sentence, my english is bad this morning)
I'll come up with something... sooner or later :)
"Sorry - had to do it!" - Les Claypool

yes, you are looking at the administrators signature.
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thanks dick, hadnt seen that tab to report/delete track!
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