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Lyric - Love Song

Lyric #1358 by Jane

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Love Song

Love, it came to visit me a while
It took me higher to the sky than I felt it should
Love, brought a new angle to my smile
Gave me a happiness inside like I knew it would
Hope, it was awoken by loves call
It made me want to reach the stars and be understood
Hope, It fired up my want for all
It made me reach deep inside and bring out all the good

This is my love song
Sing it out loud and strong
Sing it for me and for you
A love song so true

Want, it created a new urge
Made my emotions flip inside me to somersault
Want, My the blood inside me surge
Fed all my dreams and thoughts images that wouldn't halt
Need, it fired my passion into gear
My full desire for you cannot be quenched just now
Need, have to have you with me near
Now that it's started this cannot be stopped anyhow

This is my love song
Sing it out loud and strong
Sing it for me and for you
A love song so true

Wish, that I could trust that this will last
Will it be here evermore or go leaving me lost
Wish, I could break hold of the bitter past
And cling on to this but nothing's free it's at a cost
Trust, it's needed from the very start
We have to have it or this will never come to much
Trust, must still be there when we're apart
And be guided through by each others thoughts and their touch

This is my love song
Sing it out loud and strong
Sing it for me and for you
A love song so true

Respect, this is the hardest one to keep
We are all different with challenges to be met
Respect, without it no love can run deep
It's give and take and balance and must not be upset
Love, it's a pure and tangible thing
Can cause great happiness or great pain or in between
Love, Get it right you make hearts sing
But if it's wrong then the heartache is worse than you've seen

Jane Shields 09th November 2016
Jane Shields
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