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Lyric - Biting Back The Tears

Lyric #1368 by Jane

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Biting Back The Tears

I'm so sad things didn't work out, I tried
I'm sorry, please don't shout or I will cry
Where did we go wrong, I just don't know
We had it all for so long please don't go
We had our quarrels along the way, we'd fight
The good times were great though, we got that right
Something snapped and it just won't mend, so sad
Nothing works now, it's the end, I feel so bad

I'm biting back the tears
For losing all the years
We spent together you and I
Now it's over I try not to cry.

So much happiness has now gone, I'm so sad
Wasted years now I don't belong, love is dead
I've lost my lover and my friend, please don't go
It's all finished this is the end, no, oh no
Lost in silence we don't speak, I'm still here
My heart bleeds out so much crying red tears
Need to find some strength to live and dig deep
It's gone now there's nothing to give, I just weep

Biting back the tears, biting back, biting back
Tears are leaking through, biting back, biting back
Losing all the years, biting back, biting back
Years I spent with you, biting back, biting back

I'm biting back the tears
For losing all the years
We spent together you and I
Now it's over I try not to cry.....

Jane Shields 10th November 2016
Jane Shields
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