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Lyric - Storm Tree

Lyric #1370 by Jane

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Storm Tree

Storm tree stands there all alone leaves all gone
Now the cruel wind's blown through the meadow
Ripped off leaves lay a blazing trail shaking limbs
Stand through thundering gales in the meadow
Lightening strikes her all around overhead and into ground
Still the storm tree stands her ground in the meadow
Branches reach up tall and proud thunder rings out hard and loud Echoing long and true through the meadow

Standing tall defiantly
She fought hard to struggle free
Now she senses victory
Gave her all like a true storm tree

Lightning dances all around never touching finding ground
Thunderbolts come crashing through in the meadow
Still she stands there proud and true sky is flashing white and blue
Rain comes down with brutal force in the meadow
Rain strikes bark and changes course pounding hard into the tree
Still she stands defiantly in the meadow
Lightning blazes near her roots it comes close in violent shoots Still she stands there resolute in the meadow

Standing tall defiantly
She fought hard to struggle free
Now she senses victory
Gave her all like a true storm tree

Cracks of thunder bursts of light silently she puts up fight
Wind blows hard against her boughs in the meadow
Bending her sleek branches down still she springs back stands up tall Defiantly resisting all in the meadow
So determined not to fall now the storm is moving on
Very soon it will be gone in the meadow
She has overcome the storm elegantly kept her form
Storm tree standing proud and tall withstood hell and didn't fall
In the meadow....
In the meadow....
In the Meadow (To Fade)

Jane Shields 06th November 2016
Edited by Jane on January 05 2017 01:41
Jane Shields
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