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Question for all musicians

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I only write lyrics, at the moment it's all I can do. But I have a lyric I wrote especially to try to raise money for a UK Facebook site Forces Online. Kind of like a charity release? I need a lot of help to put this into practice. Most of the lyric I wrote is in rap form. So, it's a big ask, but I'm looking for any help anyone can offer. If I get some response I will attach the lyric to this post for you to look at. I haven't posted it yet because I am still looking for suggestions for the right way to do this. I'm pretty clueless other than writing. Thank you for your time. x
Jane Shields
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Jane, from what you are asking and describing, I would suggest (since this is for a commercial type project) that when you get people wanting to be involved, that you form a band project. That way your song will stay off the main loops page. I am not much of a rapper, but if you need help in other ways, please do not hesitate to message me and I will help you if I can.
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