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Lyric/Poem - (Rock maybe?) Death

Lyric #1380 by Jane

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I wear my skin
From the outside in
And too my heart
Ripped apart
My soul is lost
At a great cost
My blood runs free
It's there to see

My heart it bleeds
Onto my sleeve
My blood it flows
As my life goes
My voice is still
Silenced at will
My love is dead
My blood is red

My eyes don't see
What's wrong with me
My ears don't hear
They ring with fear
My hands don't hold
For they are cold
My legs won't walk
My mouth won't talk

My life bleeds out
Without a doubt
I am no more
Of that I'm sure
This is my end
Without a friend
I've lost my head
I'm surely dead
Jane Shields
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Very cool Jane. Far from morbid but poignant. Should make a great song.
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Thank you. I was a bit unsure , but the more I thought about it the more I thought I might make a rock song? Anyhow, I'm sure someone here will work with it. x
Jane Shields
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With a few modifications, Jane, I [url=https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-98239.php]used them in a rock song[/url]. I needed to edit some of it to make it flow and changed the title to match the song's sound/energy. The content is still all you.
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This is my 2nd attempt at this song #114980. 1st time the lyrics got to my emotions. Also started the 2nd verse later so it would end on the lower notes. This is the first one #95160 were I lose it
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[wl]133113[/wl]Thanks for the great lyrics Jane.

I like this kind of writing and i can't find the right words for


I try to sing your lyrics in the song "Wrench" from Koldov and me.

I hope i do anything the right way, this is the first time i use the library. :)

Hope you like what i do with your words.


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