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Fund raising idea for Wikiloops

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This might be a crazy idea, but I was wondering if maybe members would support a song writing competition within Wikiloops

My idea would be for artists to form groups or use existing groups that they play with, collectively offer a donation to enter the competition and all write to their own choice of a set of say 10 different lyrics. Winning song could be determined by number of views within a certain time frame and maybe a small cash prize to each musician from the overall contributions as incentive? Just a suggestion, feel free to shoot me down in flames. Story of my life hahaha.:)

And if you are not keen on this idea, or feel it is unworkable, maybe you can suggest a different one?
Jane Shields
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It's lovely for Jane and others to try to be thinking of ways to help fund the site. I'm sure that there are a myriad of ways for the same group of people to keep contributing and dig deeper. The question though becomes how long can the same group of a few hundred pay for the thousands that are not contributing? Competitions, raffles, bake sales, etc. are all good ways to bring together communities when moderate amounts of funds are needed. (IMHO) Wikiloops needs to evolve in a way that doesn't see it continually spending a lot of time worrying about funding and chasing a few extra dollars from the same supporters who have already contributed. Dick already has too much on his plate.

There is nothing to stop Jane or anyone else from posting their own charity drive and donating the funds to wikiloops. We can all go busking, have bake sales etc. Whatever your means of finding funds is fair and I'm sure will be appreciated. However we can not put any more pressure on Dick to do more than he is doing now.
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Wade wrote:
Wikiloops needs to evolve in a way that doesn't see it continually spending a lot of time worrying about funding and chasing a few extra dollars from the same supporters who have already contributed.

That is the way I see things, too.

I also do apreciate anyone coming up with ideas and showing their concern that way,
but it is quite difficult to come up with something that will fit the multiple aspects one needs to regard when it comes to "helping out" - as Wade puts it correctly, the most helpfull help would be to donate, and that's what I have asked anyone over and over again.
A bit sarcastic way to describe the situation which I sent to another like-minded member this afternoon was:
"If you see someone drowning in a lake, telling him to buy a better swimming suit and to book a swimming course at the local gym next week is a valid way of offering help, too" :)
Now don't get that wrong, Jane, that is only meant as a kinda-funny reminder to keep in mind different situations require different sorts of help.
Your idea is a nice one, with the only downside that we have deliberately avoided any kind of contests and competitions on wikiloops so far (that has been a very basic concept of wikiloops forever), so the idea to combine contest & funding does not really appal to me.

If you happen to have taken a look at the funding transparency report I posted in this forum this morning, then I believe you may have an idea what the situation looks like, and why I can't say much more than: Wade is absolutely right.
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No issues here. Just speaking my thoughts. No problem if it's not a possibility. I sure hope everyone will dig deep in their pocket as this is an awesome site. As soon as my benefits are sorted out I'm off to donate again. Currently no income hahaha xxx
Jane Shields
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