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A place for Jane to post lyrics?

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Our recent prolific lyric writer Jane has been very active! That's good and even better that those lyrics are being taken up by our singers.

However, I'm not sure that this is the best place to post these and maybe we need a separate section for these to be posted. This section is supposedly about people wanting to collaborate but with a plethora of lyrics continually streaming in other posts get buried and are no longer visible. Even some short term ones are kicked back to 2nd or third page so invisible to most.

I see this little corner of the forum as about making connections. Jane and others deserve to have purpose designed place to post lyrics so that singers can access them and leave this space for what it was designed to do.

Your thoughts?
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Hey Wade I agree and maybe like you said a separate place for them would be good and it could be added in the mix of instruments so others could just post just like Bass and Guitar player post their tracks. Just an idea.
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You could use the database itself without any change!
Publish a simple clicktrack of 2 bars only. Add the title of the "open" lyrics. Post the lyrics in the track. Use comments and track description to inform people what you like to hrar.
You can visit the profile of the lyrics author to see the list of the lyrics tracks published.
Use tag "lyricsonly" to serve the search engine...

The Wikiloops tree structure of the database offers a very clever design to serve new needs.
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Good idea! Does Jane know how to do this? Hello Jane are you there?
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Dick is aware of this - I guess he will do something once he has time,

see here

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As a user of those lyrics, I totally agree, had to check I was the author to upload the track and the lyrics are copyrighted under my name...

In fact there are 2 things :
- having a place for lyrics only, where they are easy to find and don't get burried,
- having the possibility to tag the author when posting a vocal track using those lyrics

Though it must take time to fix a new tool like that... :|
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Hi, I'm happy to do whatever is easiest for you all. I will hold off from posting more lyrics for the moment, until I find out what is decided. I do not know how to use the database as Neronick is describing, but I'm sure if someone can talk me through it I will cope. xx
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I suppose you could start a new thread called Jane's Lyrics and just reply to it every time you add new lyrics?
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we recently discussed ths here


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