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How to write a new song

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You all know how to write songs. Most musicians write some private songs.

To my opinion you only need two ingredients: Emotion and musical skills.

I am sure every musician has found his own way to develope their musical skills, too. There are many ways to improve. One way could be you have the need to develop your musical skills to express your emotions right. You can write your first song with Am, Dm, Em only. It is hard to use your fingers right and fast enough in the first month. But you can write your first song at the same time. It will not be a happy song because you only use Minor chords. You haven't the musical skills to express all your emotions if you are a beginner.
Next thing Newbies have to learn is the combination of lyrics and music. Therefore you need a metrum and a tempo
Here is a very easy exercise: use your stomach as a drum in slow tempo and sing - even wrong but in the right timing - "What shall we do with the drunken sailor". Don't stop drumming on your stomach!!
Next step would be to use an external metronome AND your stomach-drum.

Of course, everybody knows, you get skills if you imitate.

You are not alone! Million people can sing, play, can express their emotions and will never stop to expand their musical skills by using funny exercises!
PS It's never too late to take music seriously. Learn the bass clef first. It's the most important thing you could do.

PPS drum "House of the rising sun" on your stomach and sing it in different keys. Then drum and sing "Blowing in the wind".
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