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G'day all...I have a question about where to post my Remixes.

The last tune I was working on, #95419, I mixed several different tracks from different musicians. All the tracks were under the same template, but I was unsure of where to actually place my remix, I not only remixed the variety of tracks, I added my own instruments. Should I have started a new template, and give credits?

The thing is, for example I liked the Flute from one of the remixes, the Bass from another, and was actually inspired to play with the track from the Vocals of yet another...the way the "tree" is set up, and limited "solo track" (HD) uploads, I sorta had to "splice and dice" things together. I ultimately posted under the Vocal track that initially inspired me and gave credit to the other players in the description with a link to their respective story short, I would appreciate any input from my fellow loopers. I am having such a great time here and certainly don't wanna piss anyone off by inappropriate posting placements...
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...thanks for listening, and Happy Jammin!
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your choice wasnt inappropriate ! in fact you could have posted in either tree from which you downloaded a template ... posting as a remix of the vocals was a valid choice ;) ... to give credit to the musicians that aren't showing on the tree because you used a single track of another branch was the thing to do actually :)
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...thx for that...I actually "shot first and asked questions later" so I am glad I made the correct choice...
...thanks for listening, and Happy Jammin!
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