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Question regarding combining remixes...

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Hi, I'm a newbie, and was wondering if it is "legal", meaning "ok to do" or not, to combine two mixes in the "tree" of a session, and then add a part, and upload the re-re-remix.

I picked a remix I dug, and after toying with it on my DAW, went back and uploaded a different remix in the tree... and purely by mistake... found that they sounded really good together, even though the original session part was duplicated!

I've searched the forums and can't find anything exactly like this, not does my oft clouded perception reveal anything from the FAQ's...

If anyone cares to offer any comments, that would be greatly appreciated.
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as you have noticed, these kind of "cross-mixes" which combine different branches of a remix tree (hope you are OK with the terminology I'm using here) can not be displayed by the current branch system.
What has been the common practise in such cases is to upload your cross-mix to one branch, and to mention the included other-branch-track and the involved folks in the tracks description. Ideally, you would visit the other track and leave a comment there linking to your remix, that way all involved folks will get informed.
Hope this helps, feel free to ask if it does not :)
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Thanks for the quick reply! Indeed, that makes perfect sense, and is polite to boot. Thanks!
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