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[Track] Player not starting

[Track] Player not starting

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Joined: Jul 25, 2013
After the latest Firefox upgrade to 51.0.1 the player no longer starts automatically nor when pressed on the big Play button


* Cookies already thrown away
* Refreshed the website multiple times
* Reloaded the page in a new window


* Player works normal with latest Chrome

Anyone else have this issue, love to hear a solution for it :)
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I've run into this issue in Firefox, as well. Everything seems to work normally, then all the sudden, the player will no longer play tracks. Closing Firefox and reopening does not fix the problem.
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Dick Supporter
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Joined: Dec 30, 2010
this issue has been repeatedly reported but could so far not been matched to any kind of reproducable pattern. If you open the browser developers console ("F12" button in FF), you may be able to spot a red error message stating something like "500 Bad request" on the mp3-fetching attempt, that is a close as I ever got...
I've had quite lengthy exchanges with the cloud server support about this issue, but since neither me nor them were able to reproduce the problem, we are a little stuck on this one.
From my point of view, there must be some kind of misconfiguration on those cloud servers, but since there are quite a lot of those and every visitor of wikiloops connects to the closest available one, bugtracking really is complicated.

Now the good news:
I've sat down with myself today and added some kind of fallback routine which will hopefully put an end to the issue, at least from your end-user-perspective.
If the music file can for some reason not be loaded from the cloud server, the player will now do an automatic second attempt and try to fetch the mp3 from the original wikiloops server.
Again, this could not be properly tested from my end since the cloud server always did serve the file correctly for me, but it worked OK when I deliberately broke the first file reference to trigger it.

Please let me know if the problem appears solved on your end, I'd be happy to cross that off my list of worries :)
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It looks like the player is working properly again, looks like the fallback routine does it's work. Even older songs that didn't load before are loading properly again.
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Dick Supporter
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Joined: Dec 30, 2010
that is very good news on a friday evening, thanks a lot for reporting :)
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R1772 Supporter
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Hi Dick,
I actually have the same issue with my new upload. Both with Firefox and Google Chrome (Windows 64 Bit System). The problem only occurs after successful upload, not while marking the sections before upload.
Best regards.
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