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Every day is not the same

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Well, I know the world needs to change a little bit every day.
TODAY I can't upload the first time since several years!

There is a new message on the little screen of my internet connection device:
"Zu wenig Speicher für vorherige Operation"

Abort occurs after clicking the name of the mp3-file to upload.

Don't think it is an error inside Wikiloops. I updated Chrome some days ago because the downloads failed since November'16. Now the last download succeeded again but the uploads failed.

I like to call these daily surprises funny.
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I had a lot of problems with chrome and firefox, and don't want to use explorer so tried the Vivaldi browser which as suggested to me. It works very well and is nice and fast. Give it a try
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Thanks for your advice!
It needs more than failed uploads to change my running system... I am an old man :)
Really, I am not sure if these phenomenons are a software problem! I believe it is a cultural and an economic gap.
I pity the young generation who still stand in their working careers. They are overwhelmed with problems they can't solve or handle.
Last year we had a mobile communication black-out for several weeks...no joke! Complete.
And some hours without electricy every two month...

Maybe I've uploaded enough for free with free software from BIG companies?
There is an advantage in any failure...I recorded a better song.
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