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How much time do you invest for a recording?

That's my way:
Getting a new idea (daily): 4 seconds
Playing the A-part: 4 minutes
Finding B-part: 3x4 minutes
Improving arrangement, intro and outro: 4 days later, 4 month later, 40 years later (depends on song)
Creating/Finding a backing track:
40 to 400 minutes (including setting up devices and software)
RECORDING: 20 minutes
Gives 3 minutes of raw audio
Mixing, clueing together: at least 3 hours...

Some more work to do:
Writing lyrics. Typing. Working on the melody. Notating voicings, melody, leadsheet etc., etc.

All inclusive it can take 10 to 25 hours per song.

If you play a song of 3 minutes to an audience of 1000 people you can invest 3000 minutes for your work because they invest 3000 minutes of their lifetime, too.

That can be called "balanced"
Have a creative day!
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Interesting way of looking at things...or justifying investing so much of your life and hoping that the balance sheet works.

As a "jammer" rather than someone who posts templates it's usually less than 10 minutes per track recording and 30 to 100 minutes of editing.

I have no control, so also no anxiety over how many listens a track receives. I try my best within the limitations of being just a "jammer" and have my "reward" in the enjoyment it gave me. If others also enjoy, then that's a bonus. Hopefully those on the track prior to me are OK with what was added and that respect was shown for their efforts.
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