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Classical Guitar / Nylon Strings?

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Hi there,

I'm just curious who plays the classical/nylon stringed guitar and might be interested in helping me develop a few wikiloops templates/songs... I've had a rough year so I have no more decent instruments, but I have a few songs semi-developed that I am (almost literally) dying to share here... I am not professional enough on the guitar for proper collaborations and my recording abilities are next to nil at this time. I have a playlist of songs on YouTube I will share - If you are interested, please do let me know.

Thank you,

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Hi there Michael, just to let you know your Youtube link isn't working .
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Hi Shi, that's right, but when you copy and paste the link then it works. ;)
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Hey Neal,
very good stuff there. I like the most of your tracks, its pure you. Thats what i can hear. Bravo :)
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I actually play the classical guitar more than the electric. sadly, i can't really record my classical guitar because of it being 100% acoustic, and i don't have a good microphone. it is something i want to invest money in, in the future.
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Yep, Thanks for listening and comments. I've had a tough year, on my way back up somehow hah. I shall keep working on it. :)
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