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Chord structure of track #99432 not editable/corrupted

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Mark up the structure of the track #99432 is incomplete.

I wanted to add new chords, but things get messed up a bit:

Part H
Part I

ist always added, when I remove them, after safe, they are back again.
When I insert four and five, some times, system changes from five back to "Part I".
Colors get lost: some lines get white after save.
Somehow I can't repair this track.

Any ideas to solve and let me complete the chord structure of the track?

Thank You!
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my advice as for chords handling : try to keep parts simple and readable ... for example a part that is playing 4 chords 8 times just make it larger in size instead of repeating ?
for some reason there are additional parts in your chart that are not present in the tab (four, five, aaaaaaa and bbbbbbb) maybe these parts were deleted before ? i'd try a delete and start over the chords description ...
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I believe I just fixed the issue, here's what I did:
I went to edit the track (same as if you had, hartmut).
I hit "add a line" a few times, and there some hidden lines showed up that were labeled with "a","b" and "aaaa", but had no colors chosen. I gave them yellow color, but none showed up as part of the markup.
Then switched back to preview mode - and the chordsheet looked as expected.
Saved, re-entered edit mode, and shwoops, parts H + I are gone, think the issue is fixed :)
Odd tho, did you enter those a+b parts somewhere on the way, hartmut?
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Thanks OliVBee+Dick for your hints, I retried, added line "four" with a new chord structure and color green, but it didn't save. Inserting blank lines let re-appear old lines, but after safe, they're gone.
I let it as it is, it's ok.
I will test again with new uploads and try keeping the number of structures smaller.
Thank You and see You :)
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