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Aye. Existiert eigentlich die Möglichkeit, Jams auf externen Webseiten einzubetten a la Youtube, Signatur-Banner & co? Player/Waveform/Title/Sessionnummer. Bpm/Genre/Artists
Any way to embed specific jams externally? Such as Youtube in Forums
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Hey SupJax,
the short answer is:
No, there is no embedable player for wikiloops tracks available at this time.

It would be not too much trouble to make that available (classic iframe solution, as youtube offers it), but offering an embedable player is not equivalent to "all forums will allow that".
Most forums offer youtube embedding since it is a common thing to do, but no forum offers "embed whatever you want", because that's a huge security risk.
Even soundclouds embedabble player can only be embedded in a few musicians forums I know, so, offering such a thing for wikiloops tracks would not work in the common forums right away,
but would require these forums admins to allow such embeds first... which they are only likely to do on strong forum-users demand.
The only audience really benefitting fomr such an embedable player would be folks who own a website and can add the code snippet to the page.
It might be offered eventually.
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