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Feature idea - shuffle-play on playlist

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Hopefully the title is self-explanatory but in case it's not...

The playlist automatically plays a list of tunes in the order you've added them. Would be great to have a 'shuffle' option so I'm not always listening to the same half of the album when I have limited time! :)

(I know this probably isn't top of your priority list right now Dick - just recording for the future! :) )
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good point, and not too hard to do (the radio "playlists" are already shuffeling).
will add it eventually :)
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Just for the sake of documenting a tiny little bit of progress -
I just adopted the "shuffle" button and some additional handy "move to the start of the list" / "move to the end of the list" playlist editing buttons to the playlist section this morning (in my local development, not online yet).
Still busy taking apart the whole project and restructuring things so Ibrahim the CSS wizard can take over sometime soon... getting there slowly slowly.
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