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How best to get from Cardiff to Steinfeld for 2017 Festival?

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Hello Loopers! I am planning to attend the Annual Wikiloops Jam for August 2017. Will be in Cardiff prior to it and wondering if anyone has suggestions for how to get from there to Steinfeld? Present best looks like fly Cardiff to Amsterdam Schiphol and then figure a train trip. Any previous experiences that the Wikiloops Community can share? Not long now!! ;)
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Kimbo is the man to ask for that ;)
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i just had a quick look at the map...
since there seem to be no flights Cardiff -> Cologne, the second best idea is to fly Cardiff -> Düsseldorf wich is both quicker and closer than going to Amsterdam and continuing by train...

You could go Cardiff Airport -flight> Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) -train> Cologne (Main Station) -train> Urft / Steinfeld with just one train-switch in cologne (or maybe a wiki-car shuttle from cologne...), so that would be quite convenient & quick too. Train from DUS to Urft should take max 2 hours, Amsterdam-Urft might take half a day.

The other option would be to meet with some other brits who are taking the chunnel/car trip. I'm happy to help getting you in, don't worry, we've done worse than this :)
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Cheers Dick and TeeGee, flight Cardiff to Dusseldorf is a brilliant tip. Timing not yet nailed down, need One more thing to fall in place then good to go. Will keep you posted. Cheers, Brian :)
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