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How many pro musicians here?

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I've been really bowled over by the quality of musicianship here, so I'm presuming there's quite a few professional musicians around. I'm just curious what percentage of people are amateurs and what are professional or semi-professional? (By pro I mean you make all or most of your income from music; semi-pro is you get paid for some of your music - say gigs - but it's not your main income and amateur is... well, you know that!).

I'm definitely on the amateur side, btw :)
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I get paid for NOT playing by some people, does this make me a Semi-Pro?? :D :D :D
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I am an amateur I play for fun and the pure enjoyment of it. Another good question here would be who is self taught. I am self taught and just jam to what sounds and feels good to me. Cool topic
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I am an amateur. Original musical background was being traditionally trained playing tuba for 12 years. However, switched from tuba to bass guitar since tuba was not a way to impress the girls and we all know that bass players are regarded as the "chick magnets" in any band:)
Anyway, self taught on bass guitar.
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Nice topic :) Semi-pro by your definition (though not really playing enough nowadays to really live up that) and self-taught. I often think it would have been cool to have taken it more seriously but I don't know anyone who has actually succeeded in earning a 'good' living from music, including some ferociously talented players. Most of them have ended up getting 'day' jobs to pay the mortgage.
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Self made bedroom player (Attic player before in my parent's place!!)
some bands, stages, music for friends: weddings, events, soundtrack videos... music for fun
Just playing with real sound (amp) in wikimeetings !!
But once more, full free time in since wikiloops :) (PC Cubase Vst Headphones)

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My guess hardly any are "PRO"s here.
Pros do cover music, as that is all people want to pay for(usually),
Unless.....You are famous..........(and being famous at your local pub--I don't think will cover the cost of a good steak or vegan All organic dinner these days)
So we(I include most of us I think) love that art of making music, even to the point of taking rigs out and playing for free, but playing what we want to play, our way, our music, not Justin Beiber or Led Zep....
There are a few that are Gigging and making money But man that's a lot of gigs a week. I notice WHEN they make music here, that is probably what they'd really want to be doing, and it shows, in the creative work they make!
In a less cookie-cutter world this site would be very popular and supported by thousands of just LISTENERS of what is produced by us who are willing to create here and not worry about the cash.(the business of making money off your music)

Anyway I may be way off base

So we plod along doing what we can do with the time we have to create something that has impact, and technical excellence, and musical enjoyment for ourselves and hopefully others that love music.
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20 plus years as a gigging musician, have appeared on 3 CDs, one my own christian release....
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A question more likely to get some positive response is "have you ever been a pro?" We could only guess at the average age of members here, yet I think it's certainly over 40. I'm 70, so grew up in a world where live music was a lot more common. There are certainly others here who have been professionals, but aren't now. I wasn't a pro for long, manly working on cruise ships. The female attention was amazing, the pay OK, the lifestyle (no sleep, drugs/alcohol), was very bad. It was good for a while and something of an experience/education. A case of been there done that and certainly didn't want to be 40 in my 20s, so went back to university. As the demand for live music has dropped off the number of full time pros has also plummeted. Some still play the occasional gigs (like me) but it's usually for a free meal at the cafe and pocket change.

We hear some unique talent here that could enrich the world of music. It's a shame that those people don't have more exposure, especially if they want to be full time professionals. It's made more strange when people who spin records seem to have jobs and get credit for what real musicians have done. Basic economics I guess...hire one record spinner or three real musicians?
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Classically trained violinist, self trained vocalist and full time slacker here. Gradually getting over my lethargy and thinking seriously about full time gigs and recording.
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I just love music doesn't matter if you're good or bad as long as you try. It's the ones that hate and don't try that or missing out.. So far I think everyone is talented out here. I have heard some good awesome songs out here..
You have got to love it:Y
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About 40 years ago I made music as a professionnal. Television, radio, and shows in "boîtes à chansons". I even played in "Place des arts" in Montreal and made a record.
But our way of life (we were two) brought us directly into a wall. We decided to stop and did quit music. I spent my active life in forestry.

After almost 40 years without touching my guitar, I decided to do music and I only do it for my pleasure now. I sometimes make shows (solo) and the money I collect is given to non-profit charitable organizations. I play what I like and when I like.

When a passion becomes a work, there is a loss somewhere in the transition. And I did not want to make the necessary compromises.

I like what I do now and really appreciate what we do here for free.
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I played "Professionally" back in the late 1980's and 90's in a hard rock band Crash Palace. We where all friends and didn't make much money but it was a lot of fun and a learning experience! I went on to Culinary school and a life as a Chef for 20 yrs. Picked up the drums again when my wife and I moved abroad! Now I am a house husband and "remote studio musician" (meaning I jam on Wikiloops with all of you fine people). :D
I do teach drums, mostly to kids, and wouldn't mind making a buck here and there for my services, but most of my antics is in my jam room with the computer! Great days on the Loops...
rp3 (Raymond)
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I don't know if we have pro musicians here but for sure, since I'm a wikilooper I haven't bought any record :)
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Just people some crazy about musical harmony, about colors, sharing for many of us :)
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I am also an amateur who has done everything himself. I had neither a musical education, nor guitar lessons or a knowledge of studio technology and mixing of music. The only thing I have is hearing what works, "my" taste of music and loads of fun! And if I am only half-critical I have since I am with wikiloops, most learned from "you"! Thanks to you all :)
Rockin´ in a free world !
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I do regular gigs since I was at school, and also for media electronic (TV, radio, jingle etc), and took a quite long break after I finished my degree due to my work at the clinic for about 8 years. I start over my music after that by doing performance and live recording sessions.

Around 2010 I start to explore and learn to also make music online, from collaboration & jamming site I learn more about home recording and built my own home studio. Since I am a full-time mommy, I try to find a way how to make my music works while I also can take care my kids, and doing my other works.

Now it’s been more than 5 years I’ve been doing this session singer/ songwriter online (for original music, so far I never get hired for recording cover song). I regularly doing it, and I can tell that I earn much more from this, a lot more than a live gig and even from the live recording.

For all these years I spent my income from my music (recording sessions (live/online), performing, songwriting, including my CD) to provide homeless children with food, education, and health care, and it makes me achieve much more than money.
I do my passion (music), earn experiences, lessons and also money that I can use to help others which feed my heart and soul with happiness.

When it come to music, it’s always mean a BIG FUN for me, that’s why I never feel like working, coz I do what I love, and love what I do, and I love music so much…I always give all my best, no matter being paid or not.
Still, I have much to learn, and always want to improve…every music that comes through my ears is the lessons for me.

Yes, I’m happy to say I’m a pro musician, and I know other persons who also pro musician here, one that I can mention here is Marcelo (Peixe)…and I believe there are more, but become a pro doesn’t make one better than the other.
Being Pro, semi-pro, amateur, etc, we are all the same musician here.
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Yes, I’m happy to say I’m a pro musician, and I know other persons who also pro musician here, one that I can mention here is Marcelo (Peixe)…and I believe there are more, but become a pro doesn’t make one better than the other.
Being Pro, semi-pro, amateur, etc, we are all the same musician here.[/quote]

Hey AL.
I worked with music doing gigs, teaching, recordings, arrengements, programming, soundtracks... even music sheet writing. And I say a BIG YES... no matter if you are pro, semi-pro, amateur, curious... no one is better than the other because of a title. We are all artists with their own colors and unique sound.
I say yes for the fun and no for the titles. No matter how you call yourself, what is important are the emotions we spread through our songs, here in the loops and out of here too. It can be either in a wedding party or funeral. Spread your magic, cheer them up, make them cry, make them dance, make them listen, make them sing, make them shut up, make them talk about you, make their day and write your name in their lives, minds and hearts :) be a musician with body, mind and soul. Get free from pro or not pro, have fun and keep jamming :)
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I would be a mediocre professional musician, but I consider myself a better amateur musician, I play for pure pleasure and the advantage of not being professional is very great, one touches what he wants and what his soul and heart ask him, not what others want to hear .... habitually "for money", we know that money complicates everything, and this website has that greatness ... it is free and a great approach to its creator Dick

It does not mean this reflection that being a professional musician is bad or undesirable, my own brother was professional music and so I made a living, I have professional musician friends who play every weekend, but who call me to play with me "what they want ". From my bass player position I make music for other musicians the background by the low notes ..... and I like

This site is great in this sense: it does not matter if you are professional or amateur, if you are an academic or self-taught, the important thing is the music itself

I dedicate more hours to music than a professional but for pure pleasure, not for obligation, and I spend more hours than my true profession he he he
 (And sometimes more time than my wife but does not know is a secret between us ;)....)
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I have never made a single dollar playing music. I just play for fun and i consider myself 100% amateur, i have been playing gigs for money before, but if i compare it with how many hours, i have been rehearsing and composing music, i would not say that i have earned money on it. I define a pro musician as a person that can feed a family and pay the bills by playing music. In the end, music is relaxing and pure fun for me.
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