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Free Music (Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Industrial, Cinematic, etc)

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Hi everyone,

I have quite a few releases in many different genres available for DL at 3NM.ca
https://designbynv.bandcamp.com/ - Some even have wikiloops peeps.

I have some more wikiloops collabs coming soooon:

Neal Visher

DesignByNV - Music, Writing, Humor:
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good idea...and good music...
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this is nice ! but you probably need to read wikiloops [url=https://www.wikiloops.com/nutzungsbedingungen.php]terms of use again[/url] !!

hope you asked permission to the other wikiloops members to post their work anywhere outside of wikiloops ? especially on a site like bandcamp where you're SELLING music ??
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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"Because there is very nice music made and to use for someone like me who wants to learn to play harmonica, and perhaps later with another can give to them to play and its own color here, and that a Belgian who inhabited in Hungary! like é."

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